The sound a grrl makes when she chokes on a dick.
"dood, i went so deep she girked"
by SadistiK© January 30, 2004
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Verb - Girking is the action of speeding up in your car and then slamming on your brakes to make a noise that sounds like GIIIRRRRRK, acompanied by leaving tire marks and a cloud of smoke in your path.

There are many types of girking. You can girk in front of somebodies house, you can girk before/ after a speedbump, or you can even girk right next to people walking on the sidewalk.
Person 1: Bro lets go girk that one fatass down the block

Person 2: Hell yeah man he's overdue for a good old fashioned girking
by thelimpestdick November 29, 2019
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A Sweater or Sellout, who has nothing better to do than talk trash on others. Usually having a high opinion of themselves.
1.) ClitCadaver and TommyDoom just called me a Girk waaaa =
2.) "Look at that Girk over there, he think's he's so good"
3.) A group of Girks were sitting in the mall making fun of passers-by.
by Clit Cadaver February 28, 2008
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A girk is a DeborOH or a SarOH. 2 crazy mothOH fuckOH's
Curve girkage - nuff said
by DeSarOH February 21, 2007
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Another word written as a replacement for the word “girl”
“Who does this girk think she is??”
by EyeCommentStaff September 18, 2020
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A dude who plays with girls feelings and emotions to break their hearts and have them feel like clowns
Girl 1: Sis he is always playing me. I'm a damn clown.
Girl 2: Girl, don't worry bout that girk.
via giphy
by depapasah February 24, 2020
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