"Do you see that worthless scum over there?"
"Yeah, that's a ginger kid!"
by strummedonny May 23, 2018
The most despicable life form on the planet of the earth. They are responsible for all the wars in history and must be eradicated from the face of the earth. They are identifiable by there pale skin, freckles and red hair, they also have no Sole.
Es ist Zeit für Rache!
Wir müssen die Gingers ausrotten!!

It is time for revenge! We must eradicate the ginger kids!
by THE KILLA D October 21, 2006
Children who are pointed at frequently for there Redish orangish hair, They are seen as a lower form of life, below transexuals and chavs.

Ginger kids will be abused there entire life to eventual suicide.

And will have black and white pictures on there myspace to hide there ginger secret.

Many a ginger will die there hair black to hide there true hair colour (<notice the english spelling) But the ginger roots will always give it away

Advide when seeing a ginger kid > Point and giggle to yourself.
"Mum whys that boys Head glowing"
"Son dont point he cant help his disability hes just a ginger kid"
by Jack1991 June 3, 2007
A red headed freak with pasty skin. Smells like pee, and usually visits the annual ginger convention. warning may smear on contact.
Mike: "Hey, what smells like pee?"
Alex: "Its the ginger kid in front of us"
Mike: "Make sure you make no contact with them, they smear"
by Mike & Alex with ranches July 11, 2008
A person with pale skin, RED HAIR and freckles also they can only com out at night and will eat u when u sleep
Daywalker is a Red hair person who has no freckles or pale skin and can come out in the day there both also known as RANGAS!!!!


Lachlan:Hey dude check out that Ginger Kid
Other person:wow hes out at day time he must be a day walker
Lachlan:Hey dude check out those Ginger Kids
Other person:wow hes out at day time he must be a day walker
by Lachlan Morton September 3, 2008
an army of ginger chilren. lead by Ronald McDonald. these kids are out to slaughter the non gingers of the world. subliminal, suicide provoking videos such as ronald mcdonald insanity (as found on youtube) have been put out by them. if you pay attention to look at gingers you will notice they are most times in green or camoflauge.
1. i think travis might be part of the ginger kid army, his jeep is green.

2. a battalion of the ginger kid army walked into mcdonalds in an attempt to assasinate me, but i drown them in the restroom.
by Lawley December 21, 2008
Gingers are normal people who have caught the ginger curse. This horrific curse gives the victim ginger hair and freckles. serious victims are affected by sun light and often get servear sun burn.

Gingers get the curse from their parents or from geting together with other gingers.
Inevertently gingers have no souls and cannot get into the afterlife.

Some people only half ginger. this happens when the ritual to pass on the curse is destrupted. This results in the victim only having semi ginger hair.
strange Gingers/Ginger kids smiling strangly and/or talking backwards. ginger hair.
by MaTtC91 March 16, 2009