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The act of getting into a position requiring responsible actions, and then appearing to cease actively handling those responsibilities. Especially when remaining connected to those responsibilities through a position or title. Distance, privacy, or other factors usually make it unclear to others whether or when ghostshipping has begun and this point becomes hotly debated.
He's been ghostshipping that long-distance relationship with his highschool sweetheart ever since his Spring Break fling.

The famous racecar driver sued the team manager for ghostshipping, since the manager started spending all his time with a female driver he managed and stopped overseeing the main team.

The stock price of the internet company fell as the CEO made poor decisions, but the boardmembers who could have stopped him weren't paying attention, they were just a bunch a sorry-ass layabouts ghostshipping their way to huge, easy quarterly stipends.
by C-Mulch December 08, 2008
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