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Ghost balls occur when a male undergoes a sex-change surgery and thereafter tries to scratch or paw the balls that are no longer there.
Rick: Damn dude! What the fuck is Donette doing?
Donald: Holy fuck! I think she is pawing her fucking ghost balls again!
Rick: I just threw up in my mouth.
by NinjaSac July 10, 2009
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To engage in sexual intercourse with one who is unconscious and then ejaculating on their face. Complete unconsciousness is be achieved through deep sleep from over exhaustion, drunkeness, or through the consumption of a roofie.
Once the 'ghost balled' person wakes up, they have no idea what the substance is on their face, nor who did it.
Tim to John: "I ghost balled your mom last night"
by Basheera August 30, 2006
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