After inhaling smoke, holding it for an extended period of time, so when you exhale only a little amount or no visible smoke comes out of your mouth/lungs.

Useful for smoking weed when you don't want other people to be able to smell it.
You smoke weed in your dorm room?

Yeah, but I just use a one hitter and ghost hit it and still blow it out the window with the fan facing outward and popping popcorn.
by QWERTY1 April 23, 2006
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taking a mouth hit of a ciggerette, joint, pipe, or any other smoking divce you open ur mouth some times u use ur tounge to push the smoke out then sucking backk all the smoke into ur lungs
just a fancy coolio trick
it kinda looks like a ghost hence the name
dude 1 "dude ghost hits are rad mann"

dude 2 "yeah its the only smoking trick i can do"

dude 1 "ur dumb dude"
by joe pot smoker August 17, 2007
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When smoking weed, managing to get a good hit from a bowl that is thought to be cashed by others.
Dude 1: "Don't bother, it's beat."

Dude 2: "Nah, man, there's gotta be a ghost hit in there somewhere."
by morteken October 2, 2008
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When you take a huge hit off a blunt, bong, bowl and what ever else you use and hold it in until you do not blow out smoke
Are you going to GHOST HIT that shit bitch
by KING THC March 22, 2018
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When one hits a (joint,bowl,pen,ect..) holds it as long as possible, and exhales when little to no smoke comes out lungs.
While on post Jimmy asked Paulie; hey you wanna hit this pen?

Paulie: Hell yeah, I gotta duck to the side and GHOST HIT it so no one knows what it is.
by Bigger_John August 12, 2019
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When you have no weed but your pipe is loaded with resin, so you light up the empty bowl and still manage to get stoned.
"Damn bro, had the worst headache this morning and no weed to help out. Took a ghost hit off the pipe though and now I'm good to go."
by ashmonsta June 17, 2017
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When somebody logs out and views your profile on Crushspot so their name won't be visible on your hit list.

It's usually an Admin and/or Stalker

But it is definitely a person that does NOT want YOU to know WHO they are!
CS user: I keep getting ghost hits!
Admin: We're working on it.
CS user: When?
Admin: We'll let you know.
by SilentVoice January 28, 2012
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