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An electronic music genre that was developed in Detroit stemming from Detroit Techno music with influences from Chicago Ghettohouse, Miami Bass, electro, etc. It is uptempo, stripped down, gritty music made for dancing, specifically the "jit."

If a bunch of white rappers from MPLS want to call themselves ghettotech, then so be it, but let it be known that the above definition is the true definition of GHETTOTECH.
That ghettotech mix made me want to jit all night long.
by Jitting Jesus II May 21, 2010
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when an item is both decrepid and fashionable but considered good in an urban culture, can be used as a synonym to the word cool.
"yeh blood that boom box is propper ghetto tech like your sister what is propper peng, roll up on that, skeet skeet bareback two weeks blood"
by running out of names February 20, 2007
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a first-rate rap crew out of Minneapolis. just because they're white doesn't mean they cant rap
"dude, ghettotech might be the best thing out of the third floor in a long time."
by Ghettotech Fan November 23, 2006
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