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Ghafoor is a Arabic word which mean "kind" really I want in my life Ghafoor
Allah is ghafoor for human kind
by Ijaz badshah zada February 12, 2017
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/gəˈfɔɹ/ - etymology unknown; noun: an individual, usually male, who can't stop himself from saying idiotic, typically sexist, things, despite the shame it brings on his family and the acrimony it invites from everyone else; derived adjective: ghafooral; derived intransitive verb: ghafoor, ghafoors, ghafoored, ghafooring
Fucking Frank -- that guy's a real ghafoor! I'll bet you $100 he can't make it through the workday without ghafooring all over himself and anyone unfortunate enough to be in his vicinity. Someone should really report him to HR.
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by nedermaus August 29, 2018
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