Person 1: I got a F in Math! I am so happy
Person 2: Are you sure? Think about it.

Person 1: Course I'm sure
Person 2: INTA GHABI
by ArabDefinitions January 7, 2017
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Arabian term of 2 words Nofal which means Generous Man and Ghabi means Stupid.
It is a Slang in Saudi Arabia Western Region used to define a person with high stupidity level.
It is sometimes used to determine someone's server lack of intellect.
Example 1:
Nofal Ghabi. (Generously Stupid) (So stupid beyond believe)
Example 2:
Leesh enta nofal ghabi? (Why are you so stupid?)
by Awesomewords21 February 7, 2017
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A play on Abu Dhabi for when someone is being ghabi or stupid
Person 1: 2+2 = 43?
Person 2: No Abu Ghabi!
by DnDiscordButIDontPlayDnDxD November 3, 2021
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