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Coming from a middle eastern country (e.g. Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon ect.), a Nofal is a very physically attractive person with high intelligence. A Nofal will most likely play a musical instrument (e.g. flute, trombone, clarinet, guitar ect.) or succeed in sports (e.g. soccer, hockey, football ect.). A Nofal almost always has a muscular body physique due its substantial knowledge in health. A Nofal will most likely be attracted to members of both genders and/or will be found very attractive by members of both genders. A Nofal is always found to be generous, big-hearted, and extremely humorous by all people. A Nofal will almost always be fashionable and have a distinct taste for fashion.

*Note: Nofals are rare creatures. If one happens to come across a Nofal, please treat it with great respect. Nofals are highly valuable and are hard to start an intimate relationship with so aggresive actions are not recommended.
"Did you see Nofal? He looked very good today."
"Nofal, I didn't know you worked out!"

"Wow, Nofal sure can play that guitar!"

"Nofal is such a great person to be around!"
by Definition-Man June 11, 2011
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