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GGNT relates to "good game. nice try" usu. pertaining to games after owning somebody. However, "ggnt" can also pertain to RL situations such as getting shot down relationship-wise, getting dumped, getting low test scores, getting totally ignored, etc etc.
B1: Hey baby, how's about we go chillin' after work?
G1: (ignores B1)
B2: Ouch. GGNT dude.
by Nighthawkguy April 30, 2006
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Good game nice try. Usually an insult after heartily owning someone in a video game.
lmao ggnt, work on your rail and maybe youll kill me once.
by NegativeZero August 24, 2003
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GGNT = Good Game, No Team. Said after a game or match (generally a loss) in which the individual player played well but received no support from their team.
Well I lead in kills, heals, objectives, flag captures and my team was running around in spawn blowing themselves up. GGNT.
by n4t3D0gg June 05, 2018
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