A phrase commonly used by horny teenage boys who spend a majority of their free time paying Minecraft on a variety of servers. It is often used after completely demolishing another team or player. It can also be said to rub the players unlikley victory into the opponents face. People who use this phrase usually have no life.

Here is what the individual phrases mean.

gg - Good Game.
10 - You won the fight with all or at least a majority of your health intact.
e z - Easy. This is spaced out because some servers will not allow phrases like ez or get good in their chat. Putting a space between the e and z prevents the chat moderation client from detecting it.
Loser - gg
Winner - gg 10 e z

Player 1 - Oof, you just got gg 10 e z ed by that noob.
Player 2 - Yeah, I know retard.
by ShadyLampPost December 30, 2019
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