2 definitions by Shotgunbeeramerican

Dumb Lil chink ass gook that likes to engage in sex with little girls preferably around the age of 13. Also is ok a basketball.
Darius: damn nigga I could really use some 4th grade pussy rn.
by Shotgunbeeramerican May 17, 2021
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When one downs a quarter of a purell bottle. No we not talking about those fun sized ones with the gayass rubber case, the half gallon one you find somewhere in every high school.
Guy1: Did you see Dave the other day?
Guy2: No why
Guy1: Dude whipped his dick out in science and started fucking the skeleton, pretty sure he was getting wasted on Mr. Cleans tears.
Guy2: Wish I was there
by Shotgunbeeramerican May 14, 2021
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