The trio of items you need in your car if you want to drive at your very best: Driving gloves, top of the line police radar, and a dashcam.

The driving gloves will reduce the fatigue in your hands while figuratively add 20 mph to your top speed (in your mind)
The police radar is to know when to slow down so you don't get caught by the cops.
And the dash cam is to protect you against any accidents that aren't your fault.

Inspired by the diligent, vigilant, meticulous, sagacious, conscientious, analytical, methodical individual, THE Chiseled Adonis with his Phrase "New York Triple Play Powers" ("I got my timbs, my fitted, my durag, and my wifebeater while I got the New York Triple Play on and find you in shits boy...":
I got the riparo gloves on my hands, the police radar in the front of the dash, and the dash cam near the mirror, and I'm gonna activate my Getaway Driver Triple Play Powers and speed the fuck out of here.
by Fast but Safe Driver October 16, 2019
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Driver, hired by criminals to flee from crime scene.
You said he was a getaway driver. What the fuck can he get away from?

(a quote from Snatch movie)
by dildo777 December 25, 2016
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