V. to get the boot
1. To get kicked out of or ejected from an establishment
2. To get sent home
Past tense: got the boot
He/she gave me the boot
Im gunna stick around till i get the boot
by kuzione December 5, 2005
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When Mrs. Hanson wants you to load up your computer. She often refers to turning on your computer to "booting up".
Okay ladies get booted up! We are going to do a quickwrite today.
by ilovegarciafries June 4, 2015
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Something someone says to you to be extremely disrespectful, usually they're fake "alpha males" with a superiority complex and feel threatened by someone trying to do good in their own life. Used to put people down and feel better about oneself with extreme disrespect.
Ha! You're doing better in your life? Get under my boot.
by The psychoanalyst September 12, 2023
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To be kicked out of something, whether it's a job, a project, a party, etc.
I couldn't finish any of my reports on time, so when the boss called me to his office, I knew I would get the boot.
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