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To party and/or drink excessive amounts in a group or a social setting.
To associate in advance to particular day that you will be partying. ie "Get Live Friday"
Associating particular editions to getting live is also acceptable. ie "Get live Saturday - $40 dollar edition"
"Ya man it's gonna get live tonight"
" Get live friday is finally here"
" It was crazy, It got live last night"
by B Jay C January 23, 2008
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For a certain event(Parties, Concerts ,ect) to get crazy or wild in a good way. Mostly involves parties with the consumption of alcohol.
"Yo man this party is getting live get over here!"

A:"What happened last night at the party?"

B:"I got pretty wasted but all i know everybody was getting live!"
by Juan2012z December 31, 2011
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