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To follow a sloppy night of drinking with an even sloppier night of sex with "The Rick." Many a fateless (and most likely now soulless) girls have unfortunely fallen into the trap of mistaking The Rick's supposed charm at face value and overlooked that fact that they are far too intoxicated to truly be having any rational thoughts at this point. Unfortunetly for these poor ladies The Rick, due to his continuous sexcapades, plays host to more venerial diseases then a Vietnamese prostitute. In fact, several of these sexually transmitted infections have began to mutate and fuse into a singular disease known amongst the medical community as a RTD (Rick Transmitted Disease). Although the true risk of catching a RTD is currently still unknown, the consequences - both physically and mentally - are most likely profound. It is our hope as the community of Madison to pray that one day our young girls will ultimately realize the scope and breadth of this pandemic and furthermore refuse to partake in any sexual conduct with The Rick.
You see that whale from Tri-Delt at the bars last night? Yeah, she is for sure going to get Ricked tonight!
by Gregorry H March 05, 2007
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