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To acquire a little pussayyyyy for one's self.
Finbar: "Are you gonna get your gee tonight, Fintan?"
Fintan: "Yes. I am going to get my gee."

Mrs. McGhee: "Did you get your gee last night, Fintan?"
Fintan: "I'll get your gee now in a minute."

Fintan's Missus: "If you're headed down to the shop will you call into Finbar's house and get my gee?"
Fintan: ".............. what?"
Fintan's Missus: "Me bleedin' gee! I left it at Finbar's house last night."
Fintan: "You cheating whore!"
Fintan's Missus: "What?! Fuck you! I only brought it over coz he had no one else to play with."
Fintan: "You skank-ass bitch ho! Fuck this for a bag of cats!"

*storms out, marches to Finbar's house*

Fintan: "Where is it?! Where's her bleedin' gee you fuckin' pimp-face cuntmonger!"
Finbar: "What in the name of jaysus..."
Fintan: "Relinquish the gee! You gee-snatching... oh no wait I think she said Wii. Did she leave her Wii here?"
Finbar: "Yes."
Fintan: "Oh right. Seeya so."

(don't ask what the fuck that was about)
by Definitely not Joe anyway! January 16, 2008
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