1. Where you get heartbroken by a guy or girl.
2. This is what happens before you turn into a clown. If you need someone I’m here my number is (832) 571-4916 and if you need me to come at him/her. I GOT CHU
3. My snapchat: sunshine.jen22
Tiktok: @sunshine._.jenny
4. If you have been played I’m so sorry I feel you. I promise it gets better. God has someone special for you. I love you. ~Jenny
guy best friend: DUDEEE, GET PLAYED

heartbroken girl: yea.. I dont wanna talk about it
guy best friend: It’s okay, I’ll be here every step of the way.

heartbroken girl: thanks, I love you..
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It means to have some type of sexual relations usually intercourse.
Brian: I bought a 24 pack of Magnums my freshman year of college.
Jake: What does that have to do with anything?
Brian: I’m a Senior now, and I only used one from the entire box.
Jake: WOW, you didn’t get play?
Brian: None at all.
by Chyeeno November 29, 2017
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when a male or female, pretends to like the opposite sex, while also leading another to beilieving the same thing. Then afterwards only one gets the player. and the other one is left hanging.
jeff tells lisa he likes her. pretends to. while also telling his ex gf maggie he likes her. then chooses maggie over lisa. while lisa had no idea he liked two girls. therefore she was getting played.
by agarvvv July 06, 2008
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