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Also known as the Germantown Fish Factory. For their mechanic swim machine students and robotic water polo players.
"You swim for GA?
"Get a life, loser."
by all hyped up April 09, 2005
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PreK-12 private school located on Morris Road in Fort Washington, PA. Mostly Caucasion Middle-Upper class students but also a minority of those that aren't as wealthy and are of other races. Known for its exceptional atheltics program (Swimming, Wrestling, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Soccer) which included 3 nationally-ranked teams in the 04-05 school year, and also its excellent academics. Also known as "GA," "The academy," and the students here are known to be hated by other surrounding schools because they didn't make it/can't get into GA.

What bitches?
Me: Yeah, I go to GA.
Cheltenham Kid: You're a fucking faggot
Me: You're a wigger piece of shit and you will die alone.


Me: Yeah, I go to GA.
Prep kid: You're a fucking faggot then.
Me: You go to an all-boys school you little prick, shut the fuck up.
by Bill. March 01, 2005
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An awesome private school is Ft Washington, PA. The kids are all very diverse and pretty damn intelligent. Not all the kids are filthy rich, many get scholarships there or their parents scrape by to get their kids a good education. Not everyone there is preppy, theres lot's of different types of people with different styles, yet basically everyone interacts with each other despite their differences. The kids at GA are really nice, and, sure... many smoke and drink ect, but theres always some kids in every school who party. Before you categorize everyone in a school based on one student, take a look at yourself and your school. Some kids may be spoiled, but there are also spoiled kids at public school who's parents are just too cheap to even pay for them to go to a better one. Ga kids are smart and atheletic...and it's kinda funny that GA is ranked one of the top 10 schools in the state.
Everyone who disses GA is just jealous they aren't getting a good education, jealous they don't even know how to spell, and jealous they can't even afford a "polo shirt".
by oh, don't be jealous January 24, 2005
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Private Prep School in Fort Washington. The best School in Philly no question, academically, athletically, and socially. Some of the kids may be super socially weird for sure, but the rest are some of the greatest people you will ever meet. It is kind of preppy, but there are all different kinds of styles too. A lot of the kids have money, but many of them don't. It is diverse, and we win every game we play against all of the other schools. Most of the kids are very attractive and nice, and they really do give everyone a chance and aren't judgmental. We have the best campus and greenest building, better than most of the other schools in the country. GA is an amazing place to be, no matter what anyone says!
Germantown Academy Kid: I go to GA

CHA kid: LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Gamertag849374885 March 07, 2012
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pretty much covered by above. preppy ass school in fort washington disrespected by basically the rest of pennsylvania. everyone's family owns some kind of empire, most people get smashed or stoned because they cant think of anything better to do with their time (or the convertible their mommy bought them isnt good enough), and designer clothes are a must have. the majority of the kids there annoy everyone, think theyre hot shit, and wouldnt last one minute in the real world. other 1% of people are genuinely cool.

also, adderol is a scandal here. most of us dont get out much...
those pissass ga kids can fuck themselves sideways, polo shirts, jock straps, and all.
by ag December 01, 2004
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Germantown Academy, better known as GA by other private school students in the greater Philadelphia area, or the Academy by students attending GA, is a Pre-K through 12 preparatory school. GA tries to be like the other private schools while maintaining its own individuality. Basicaly GA epicly fails at both. Recently GA has instituted a new dress code policy called GA GeAr which requires students to wear ugly polo shirts from lands end. Girls choose to pair their ugly polos with slutty skirts which undermine the entire dress code, while guys wear cargo shorts. GA students really enjoy being promiscuous and binge drinking. In the past few years GA has had many incidents with students getting alcohol poisoning at school events. GA students also enjoy smoking weed and occasionally engage in cocaine. GA students also enjoy cheating. Despite an honor code many students copy answers from each other during poorly monitored tests. Cheating is necessary because lots of students at GA aren't actually smart, they're just either rich or very athletic. Some students are actually smart but feel pressure to receive perfect grades in order to attend ivy league colleges and so they also engage in cheating. Students at GA are often very close with their teachers which can result in interesting classes, but also in can result in awkward situations as students and teachers have been known to have sexual feelings towards each other. One gym teacher goes as far as to engage in sexual relations with students once they have graduated. This is because students at GA are usually very good looking and never fat.
"I'm not actually very preppy or smart but I'll pretend to be both while I drink my cheap beer and plan how I will a) play in the next game or b) cheat on my next test because that's how we do at Germantown Academy"
by daisydaisy55 July 29, 2009
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A private school in the suburbs where the teachers don't care about the kids and they think that school is a business. The kids are stuck up and smart christians that only care about themselves. They think they are so cool just cause Bradley Cooper went there. They they are just a stuck up school filled with selfish people.
Germantown Academy is just stuck up
by Ashleyanonanonanon August 20, 2014
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