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Big mouth,nasty,old bitch,opens her mouth before her brain finally kicks in,bitter old wrinkled nothing, someone who tries to get into the spot light, by insulting others, venomous tongue
Woman 1..Did you hear what Germaine Greer that nasty old has been no nothing said about Steve Irwin?

Woman 2..No..Who the hell is Germaine Greer?

Woman 3.. Exactly!!
by Michelle_aus September 06, 2006
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bitch who decided to bag out Steve Irwin straight after his unfortunate death. how dare you!! good publicity stunt im sure, now everybody hates you, more than they already did. dumbass witch. GET A LIFE..
"hear about that germaine greer saying that crap about steve irwin straight after he died?"
"yeh what a mole"
by SilKan26 September 07, 2006
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Derogatory Cockney Rhyming slang for homosexual. Germaine Greer = Queer!
Guy 1. Did you hear about Neil Patrick Harris?
Guy 2. Yes, he's Germaine Greer!
by Paul Longden March 31, 2008
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