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a georgism is a word of advice that comes from a guy
named George. (my georgisms come from a George I work with
whom I consider a great and funny friend,) Georgisms will be
tossed your way during any conversation that may involve
anything at any particular moment. Always though, are wise words.
Mickie: George, I have my fathers ashes, its time to let them go. I wont have anyone to talk to. Help me out with some of your georgism.
by Mickie George June 13, 2007
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An state of thought where any action, however menial, trivial or unnecessary is considered to require too much effort to be expended in order to achieve the outcome. The ultimate state of laziness, unsurpassable and all consuming. A georgist often sees the world through a minimalist sight, whereby each goal is judged by the amount of physical or mental labour needed to reach the end, and often the process required to reach the goal is discarded since it would require more effort than the georgist is willing to give. Can also be used as a adjectifying verb (e.g. 'I just did a George' or 'You're such a fucking George'.) Often considered a philosophy is certain places.
Person 1: I'm fukin sik of not havin a fukin job, im so poor it sux.
Person 2: Go online, or go out and hand your CV around.
Person 1: Fukin effort!
Person 2: *sigh* George...

Person 1 showcases a pure example of Georgism.
by 1X2 June 27, 2013
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