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the term gendel can be used for any number of people of the humanoid sub order gedelus gendelidae. The gedel itself is a symbiotic, parasitic creature laid by the queen gendel commonly believed to be mama bleazard although other queen specimines have been found internationally ( E.g mama cheeky.) When the gendel is laid it is in a pupaic form that must be ingested by a host. This is why the gendel is usually found in people who eat a lot. After ingestion, the gendels shell is broken by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, a long spidle of protein acids harbouring a small amount of RNA that has the ability to instruct the chief and G cells in the wall of the stomach to neutralise the acid for enough time for the gendel gene to infect the blood cells. After the gene has been succecfully introduced to the blood in a viral form, the Ph of the stomach returns to normal. The next stage of the process is for the gendel virus, carried around the body in the blood, to instruct all the other genetic information in the other cells of the body to produce the gendel virus. Once this stage has been accomplished it is possible for the gendeloid organs to form in the body with no chance of rejection by the host body. The host will rarely have any changes occur at this point although a slight change in the pitch of the voice can be detected. The next process is the most recognisable. The Gendel Glans will start to form on the roof of the cranium. The gendel glans is very comprable to the Penis glans, or Bellend as it is commonly known. First a slit is formed on the tip of the skull, a primitive urethra forms alongside the jugular vein and cotinues on the cranial plain the where the Prepuce or slit has formed. Once the urethra has met with the prepuce it is possible for the Testis, Bulbourethral glands and prostate glands to form inside the skull. These extra organs, although completely useless, take up 'brain space' and in turn make the host more stupid. at this point the gendeloid is fully formed on the skull. It begins to take nutrients from the host, but in turn provides the host with enegrgy from the volatile fats that the bacteria secrete within the gendel itself. This is why the gendel pigletts, or young hosts are often seen fucking around down the club, causing trouble and being generally annoying. As the host grows older, it calms down, but the annoying factor remains. The apearance of the gendel means that the gendeloid must send information to the hosts brain to purcahse a wig, or other head covering so the gendeloid may remain hidden from the sun, from which it can get tanned, or become dry, fatal to the parasite. It is posible,when the host is excited for an actual ejaculate to eminate from the crown of the gendeloid. It is thought that this ejaculate is used in reproduction of gendells but some schollars still believe that mama leazard is infact a virgin due to her grotesque appearance. Thereby proving the fact that the gendel reproduces A-sexually.
John gendel. Drew. the bleazards.
by Dr gendelhater December 11, 2006
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