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The UK version of Compton, New Jersey. Full of UK versions of crips and bloods basically its the projects. Gele also has a street named after Compton.
by linquo October 10, 2005
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When you want to tell a friend that youโ€™re jiggy, trill etc you say Gele
by mrmargielamememan June 06, 2018
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One of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. She has smooth light olive skin, hot lips, a low voice and the most gorgeous big brown eyes you will ever see. She bleaches her dark brown hair and puts colors over it, she can rock any color. She'll be a model after she grows a few more inches and fixes her posture.
Gฤ—lฤ— might be the prettiest girl in our class.
by Saeversson45 April 21, 2019
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