(soccer) A tactic in which a team, after losing possession of the ball, immediately attempts to win back possession, rather than falling back to regroup.
The Liverpool players gave ManCity no space to breathe. Jürgen Klopp showing he's the gegenpressing master. 4-1 to Liverpool in a space of nine minutes in the second half!
by Paschi January 15, 2018
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A social media phenomenon in which women refuse to take accountability for their failures and actions but use feminism yo flip the issue to blame men, similar to Liverpool FC’s playing style where once the team loses the ball, they win it back and counter-attack instead of adopting a traditional line of defense
Instead of Kea admitting she was wrong, she just resorted to gegenpress feminism and found a way to make it my fault
by feminista stones October 13, 2019
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