The device used to open the iris on the Stargate. By entering a sequence of numbers into the keypad, the device transmits the identification code, or IDC, through the Stargate via radio waves to inform Stargate Command that there are friendly targets incoming.

Upon receiving this signal, the SGC has the choice of either sending a 'go' or 'hold' code back to the GDO. The former indicates that travel to Earth is safe, while the latter indicates that the arriving SG team should hold their position due to some difficulty.

The GDO was referred to earlier as simply a "transmitter". The acronym GDO stands for "Garage Door Opener".
Teams returning through the Stargate to Earth use their GDO to identify themselves as friendly.
by Tim Kedojeh January 20, 2005
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An acronym standing for God-Damn Ouachitonian.

Traits include, but not limited to: Comfort-colored shirt, chacos with jeans (with socks), and/or holding a HydroFlask. May also include light hypocrisy and lukewarm Christianity.
Josiah sent me *another* out-of-context bible verse, what a GDO.”
by westchestermansen February 28, 2019
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"Danny, let's go shopping and have lunch with the boys. It'll be a GDO."
by DJ Andre October 15, 2009
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An abbreviaton meaning "Get Dumped On" used when in competition with someone or to be yelled at defeated opponents.
*In Call Of Duty*
Eric: Prepared to GDO

*Final Kill*
Eric: You just Got Dumped On
by Pwnstheface April 27, 2011
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Simply meaning "Get Dosh Out". As whereby someone will withdraw from their bank via an ATM.
"Hey, where are you going?"

"Im just going to GDO see you in a fiver"
by Teemac848484844 January 7, 2008
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