greene county middle school is school we’re everyone wanna be gangsta and all the boys listen to NBA Youngboy, sag their pants in the hallways cause they think it’s cool, all the girls wanna be popular and wear ripped jeans to “look stylish”. all the white girls are VSCO and are the teachers pet. all the white boys wear short shorts for no reason and the mexicans just vibe to corridos in class. you see kids doing the naruto run down the hallways all the damn time like idiots. where there’s always that one girl that talks a bunch of shit but when it comes to fighting she don’t say nun, where any guy will date you just to have a gf and then dump you a week after. where the teachers don’t know how to teach. and almost all the girls fishy. where everyone talks about everyone behind their backs and everyone fake.
alexa: did you hear about that school where they found a roach in the bathroom?
stephanie: yesss it was nasty ass gcms
by the mystery hoe February 1, 2020
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Dude Gypsum Creek Middle School with bars on the door is my absolute vision of HELL
by scotty 1 June 4, 2004
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expression used when one is frustrated or annoyed after someone says something
GCM you're annoying
by kmorrison October 29, 2018
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A man, usually working in a strip club, dressed as a hot and sexy woman and is able to fool everyone. Commonly a blonde with a boyfriend named 'Patty'.
Cholandra- Hey Daneesha! Guess what?!
Daneesha- Wass crackin' hoeee!
Cholandra- I'm a *deep voice* Gender Challenged Male (GCM)!
Daneesha- Fo sheezy!
by Daneesha & Cholandra January 19, 2011
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