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An effeminate way of walking that is suggestive of, though neither necessary nor sufficient for, being gay. This walk, also known as a mince, often emphasizes hip movements, floppy wrists, loose shoulders and a generally camp demeanor.

In straight men may indicate metrosexual tendancies or pretensions to employment in the fashion industry.

Background: Gaytaxia derives from "ataxia" and "ataxic gait", which mean to walk in an unusual manner and are symptomatic of involuntary muscular disorders. By contrast, gaytaxia is predominantly an affectation cultivated with some effort.

Variations: gaytaxic, gaytaxic gait, gaytaxic batchelor (possibly gay single metrosexual)
"That guy is so camp, check out that blatant gaytaxia"

"Dale Winton is a screaming, albeit gaytaxic, heterosexual"
by thewilster November 01, 2004
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