militant homosexual activists. Instead of thugs they use lawyers to get thier way.
massachusetts has been taken over by the gaystapo
by supafly rabbi May 29, 2004
The secret police force used by a fagtatorship to maintain power and control over society, forcing homosexuality, uniformity and obedience on all subjects of said society.
The Gaystapo are extensively used by the fagtatorial regime of 126 middlewood road.
The organisation of queer people who will come for you if you're a straight couple trying to get married during pride month. It is Illegal for straight people to get married in June and the Gaystapo's Homolice will find you.

Bisexual, pansexual, and etc couples are not bound by these laws.
Caroline: "Stefan and I were planning a June wedding but then the Gaystapo found us and told us to stop. So now we're aiming for July."
Elizabeth: "Good call Care, If you're straight you do not want to mess with the Gaystapo. The Gaystapo will stay peaceful until you provoke them like you did."
by Dracyan June 22, 2022