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Gaypop is a word used when talking about how gay pop singers act, (kpop especially) and is often referring to a group ( ex. BTS, EXO, 1D, etc.)
Holy shit they should call it gaypop not kpop, cause I dont think "normal" friends casually kiss all the time
by iaintnodickchick1982 November 16, 2016
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A word used by Haters to describe KPOP. The term is used to show that Kpop is Gay even when there is nothing gay about it. Haters who use the word know nothing about the Kpop Culture and are Bigoted toward their own
Hater: "Lmao You Listen to Kpop?!?. HAH MORE LIKE GAYPOP"
Me: "There Is Nothing Gay About It Lol. Yous A Bigot"
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by -__________________- June 10, 2018
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Just utter cancer that only teenage white girls obsess over. Keep inside and be safe whenever a new song is released
I freaking hate Gay-Pop. A new song was released from BTS and nobody is shutting up about it. Kill me
by Steve stevensonson November 21, 2018
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Gay pop is something used by haters (who are stupid tbh) that don’t like Kpop for what ever reason I mean there is no reason 1 that can sing and rap and 2 they can dancer.And I would also like to point out that not ALL of KPOP FANS ARE WHITE shit I’m black bc Kpop is WORLDWIDE!!!
HATERS:Why do you listen to Kpop it should be called gaypop.
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by Jungkook_Sugalover March 02, 2019
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