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THAT gay person, usually male, who always saves the day usually for a woman. A gayngel usually helps wome with breakups, fights with friends, fashion ect.
Jane: Jack jst broke up with me!
Ramon: Ther there,your gayngel is here.

Sarah: OMG the prom is in an hour I just woke up and i don't have a dress.
Mike: Don't worry, I'll get your team of gayngels on it.
by cloudbender February 05, 2011
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-an attractive homosexual male or female

-a virginal/innocent homosexual

-a particularly angelic homosexual

-an extremely attractive and 'sexy' homosexual
Random kid, " Wow 'Billy' helped the kitty out of the well, 'Billy' is gay and so kind and shiiit, he's a gayngel"

yeah ^.^
by IKilledBarbie January 04, 2011
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(Pronounced like the name Angel but with a G-sound in front of it)

An Angel that is gay, annoying, repugnant, and/or boisterous.

Signs of a Gayngel may include, but are not limited to: Smartitude, cocky, blonde, and can't pronounce biatchitudesteinition
Angle is being cocky showing of how "smart" he is, he's such a Gayngel.
by Itachi7120 October 19, 2013
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