A common phrase which has now become the one (compound) word.

Person of unfavourable disposition. A person who is acting foolish, or who's appearance makes you question the individual's sexual preference. Frankly, someone who is farking gay.

From 'cunt', meaning a vagina; and 'gay', meaning homosexual.
Curryshak: Shut the fuck up; I'm trying to study and organise a party at the same time.
Normal person: Don't tell me what to do, you fucking stupid fifteen-year-old curry munching small piece of shit. You deserve to prematurely end your life, you Slumdog Millionaire gaycunt.
by CurryshakGAP October 5, 2013
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a person who is acting foolish or whos apperance makes you question the individualls sexual preferance
reginald humperdink:"hey chadwick look at that guy standing next to the door".

chadwick boodapesh:"yeh hes dressed in a see-through yellow top, pink hotpants and rollerskates".

reginald:"what a gaycunt".
by dee-dee ramone June 1, 2007
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When u feel gay and u see a docta and they say u have gaycuntitis. Can be contagious if u kiss other guys or give them BJs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(zander kerr)
gaycuntitis: yummy
by MADLAD_ May 29, 2019
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Something Elton John or George Michael will never see, unless they look in the mirror.
Elton John: I wonder why people call me a gaycunt?

Elton John lover: Well, it's because you look really gay and act like a total cunt.

Elton John: Yeah, you're probably right.
by Davyan September 16, 2007
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Used before the infamous ready, steady, go!

This tricks everyone in the race. They hear the beginning of "G" and assume that it stands for go. They are mistaken as the insult gaycunt is actually called. Those who have fallen for the trick are ridiculled.
Gandhi: Hey, let's race to the toilet!
Idiot1: Yeah!
Idiot2: Yeah!
Idiot3: Yeah!
Gandhi: I'll start the race.
Idiot1: Alright.
Gandhi: Ready, steady..... Gaycunt!

*Idiots 1 and 2 proceed to sprint aimlessly towards the toilet*

Idiot3: Fuck you Gandhi. Fuck you and your childish games.

by Davyan September 16, 2007
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A gaycunt is a general insult used in Australia, however it is not used to refer to gay people and can be used on all sexualities because being a gaycunt is a mindset.
"Aw my fuckin God, John is such a gaycunt.
by **LANK March 2, 2022
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