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A common phrase which has now become the one (compound) word.

Person of unfavourable disposition. A person who is acting foolish, or who's appearance makes you question the individual's sexual preference. Frankly, someone who is farking gay.

From 'cunt', meaning a vagina; and 'gay', meaning homosexual.
Curryshak: Shut the fuck up; I'm trying to study and organise a party at the same time.
Normal person: Don't tell me what to do, you fucking stupid fifteen-year-old curry munching small piece of shit. You deserve to prematurely end your life, you Slumdog Millionaire gaycunt.
by CurryshakGAP October 05, 2013
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someone who is being fucking gay to you / your peers.
doing something ratshit like stealing from mates " what a gay cunt bro"
by gaycnt June 27, 2009
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a person who is acting foolish or whos apperance makes you question the individualls sexual preferance
reginald humperdink:"hey chadwick look at that guy standing next to the door".

chadwick boodapesh:"yeh hes dressed in a see-through yellow top, pink hotpants and rollerskates".

reginald:"what a gaycunt".
by dee-dee ramone June 01, 2007
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A vagina that likes vaginas.

From: Cunt - meaning a vagina.
And: Gay - meaning homosexual.
Man, that is one gay cunt.
by Electr0Fi May 16, 2011
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Something Elton John or George Michael will never see, unless they look in the mirror.
Elton John: I wonder why people call me a gaycunt?

Elton John lover: Well, it's because you look really gay and act like a total cunt.

Elton John: Yeah, you're probably right.
by Davyan September 16, 2007
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