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A zombie that is not content with eating flesh. Oh no. Gay zombies are out for only one thing, PENIS! Bent wrists, makeup, fashion compliments...all signs of homosexual undead. Don't worry, though, a gay zombie won't bite you or rip you apart. They just give you hickeys. Yes, big fuckin' hickeys whose only purpose is to flip your world upside down and make you as flaming as your dad's charcoal barbecue grill in the backyard when your mom starts bitching and he dumps too much lighter fluid because the only thing on his mind is how much time is gonna go by before she shuts the fuck up. That's a lot of flaming. Be prepared! Don't get bitten...err...kissed* by any gay zombies.
See FND Films on youtube for Gay Zombie trailer.
*Gay zombie runs up on Vin and attacks him*

*Aaron knocks the zombie off with a shovel*

Vin - "Dude, I think it just gave me a hickey!"

Aaron - "Quick! Say something manly!"

Vin - "Um, are nice."

Aaron - "What?!"

Vin - "Thoseth shoesth, the compliment your outfit."

Aaron - "You have a lisp, dude!"

*Vin's wrists start bending. His lisp gets stronger*

Vin - Oh my God, oh my God. Ooooh ooooooh.

*Vin looks at Aaron in interest*

Vin - "Mmmmmmmmmm"

*Aaron is left with no choice but to kill his best friend to keep himself from loving the cock. Good choice.*
by ledgic117 September 21, 2009
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