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A thing at odds with itself.

1. Used to describe a system or person with conflicting instructions and/or motives.
2. One who seeks to mislead (either themselves or others) or who is obviously insincere in either statement or premise.
3. A person of self-avowed liberal social/political attitude whose actions manifest the opposite.
1. Just let me save the file, you gay nazi computer!
2. Did you see Blair on the telly last night? He was blathering on about social equality like a gay nazi.
3. Now the BBC say they won't hire smokers, the bunch of gay nazis.
by Peter Simpler March 17, 2006
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A sick group of gays that mostly exists on the Internet. They like to wear Nazi uniforms and have gay bondage sex.

Only one of the original Nazi Party was openly gay. His name was Ernst Rohm, and he was the leader of the S.A. or Brownshirts. Hitler authorized Heinrich Himmler to murder Rohm during the Night of the Long Knives in 1934.

Lothar Machtan, a German history professor, in a book called "the Hidden Hitler" claims that Hitler and Rudolf Hess were gay lovers in prison during the 1920s. This, however, is highly controversial and impossible to prove with the existing historical evidence.
Gay Nazis are an amusing subset of the Nazi movement, but they aren't any more statistically representative of the Nazis than they are of non-Nazis.
by Assex 776 November 30, 2007
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motorcycle term; when a male rider is riding with a male passenger.
Look at those two homos on the gixxer, they're pulling a gay nazi.
by heynowdai August 21, 2011
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(NOUN)-A Heterosexual person who discriminates against Gays because they are Gay; Gay Nazis have a mentality that being Heterosexual is the "master orientation", like the Nazis hated Jews because they were Jews. The Nazis had the mentality that their race was the "master race."
Mike: Those dudes who murdered Matthew S. are total Gay Nazis because Matthew S. was Gay.

Ash: Ugh! I hate Gay people just because they are, like, Gay!
Mika: Gosh, Ash-kun! Don't be so Gay Nazi about it!
by iTrish February 10, 2009
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An insult used to acuse someone of bigotry, stupidity, anti semitism, douche-bagginess, and being an asshole in general.
My friend was acting like a fool, so i called him a gay nazi.
He responded with a confused expression then, a bitch slap.
by Russian Space Dog July 02, 2011
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