The process by which fois gras is made. Force feeding. Is also a technique connected with very small babies who won't feed.
Someone: "I don't eat fois gras because it's made using the technique known as gavage"
Someone else: "I'll give you a pound if you can spell gavage"
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
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To force feed yourself ridiculous amounts of unhealthy food.

From Gavage
We spent the afternoon gavaging on costco sized bags of sour patch kids, ice cream, and multiple fast food meals.

Patrick threw up but he continued gavaging a break.
by Gross Crew June 20, 2013
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Aka:(force feeding) The act of feeding ones enlarged member and ejaculating into an unwilling/willing recipients mouth and not allowing them to come up.
Don’t stop or I’ll gavage you.
by Chuckles Media December 31, 2022
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When somebody named Gavin goes straight hood; A man by the name of Gavin going savage.
I just saw gavin go gavage on daquan, I hope that never happens to me!
by THE HOMEBOI January 28, 2017
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