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a casserole, or other hot dish, that causes a bad case of gas or an intestinal holocaust.
Aunt Cheryl's holiday gasserole wreaked havoc on our drive home.
by camarks December 26, 2009
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Find a large rectangular casserole dish. Layer two inches of Ranch Style beans with chopped onion combined with a jar of minced garlic and a dozen chopped hard boiled eggs. Puree a pound of boiled brussel sprouts with heavy cream and spread over the beans. Brown a pound of spicy breakfast sausage and layer over the puree. Prepare one box of Stove Top cornbread stuffing and layer on top. Garnish with anything that looks creative and causes gas.
If people are reluctant to try the Gasserole, you may puree the dish in a blender and serve in one of those cool looking sombrero hat style chip and dip plates. Guaranteed to liven things up in the office.
We were supposed to have another boring pot luck dinner at work so I made a Gasserole to inflate the fun factor.
by Bugsy McDingle December 02, 2012
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