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Pronounced like ass rape.

The sodomizing of average citizens by large oil and gas companies who continually and unnecessarily raise gas prices for sustained increase of profit.
Soon, Vaseline will have to be sold along with gasoline to ease the pain of gas rape.
by Chris Hattery May 07, 2008
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Similar feeling to being assraped. To be forced to pay exhorbitant amounts of cash to be able to put gas in your car. Especially bad if you have to drive far to work in order to support your family or if you want to see relatives that live in another city/state/province, etc.
Dude #1: Hey, wanna go to the mall tonight?
Dude #2: No, I don't have any cash. I just got gasraped filling up my car so I can go to work tomorrow.

Kids: Daddy, daddy, lets go see grandma!!
Dad: No kids, we can't. See lives 100 miles away & I don't feel like getting gasraped at the pump.
by Gilbert Narley June 09, 2008
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1.) (V.) When the only freeway-side gas station for many miles in each direction can charge nearly whatever it wants for gas (sometimes as high as $6.95 and 9/10 a gallon), knowing that people that are on empty have no choice but to buy from it

2.) (N.) Back in the 80's when people would steal gas out of unsuspecting people's tanks at night by siphon and use it for their own vehicles
1.) "Damn. Last week i was heading up to Vegas on 125 and got gas raped 150 miles from L.A. when i needed to stop at the Arco"

2.) "Shit. I got gas raped last night. I got home with a full tank, and this morning there was only 1/4 left and my cap was missing."
by GasRapist650 January 12, 2011
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