ecstasy tablet pills used by many clubbers and party animals for increased energy
eh mate il give ya 3quid for that last gary ablett
by 1sniffa April 21, 2006
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Rhyming clubbers slang for an Ecstasy pill, named after Liverpool FC defender Gary Albett (1983-1992)

(Gary) Ablett rhymes with tablet.
Alright mate, got any Gary’s?

Is Gary Ablett gonna be at the club with you tonight?
by Ketmister August 02, 2006
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Gary Ablett was also - ironically - the name of a prominent Australian Rules football player who was involved in the controversial drug overdose death of a 20 year old woman - in Feb 2000 - who he had reportedly shared a full bag of 'Gary Abletts' (ecstasy tablets) and snorted heroin with.
Gary Ablett and his lady friend dropped a lot of Gary Abletts.
by Stuart A May 03, 2007
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A Gary Ablett in a pub setting would comprise an espresso served alongside a pot of beer.

Used to alleviate restless concerns and get the juices flowing.

Widely available in the pubs and surrounds of Melbourne, if you know to ask.
Oi mate can i grab a coupla Gary Ablett's, I'm fucken rooted.
by ROBERT_BOLOGNA October 01, 2020
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