flizbot is a perfect example of the gulf between men and women.a Garter Belt IS Sexy ask any man!
A girl in stockings and garter belt is a sight to behold
by Hamish Bond June 8, 2006
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adj. Describes something universally hailed as sexy, but which is not sexy at all.
My boyfriend wanted to bring whipped cream to bed last night, but I told him, "that is so garter belt."

Leopard skin sheets are garter belt.

Credit: Maggie G. -AZ
by River Ratty October 21, 2005
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The Garter Toss Champion is the lucky guy who catches the brides Garter at a wedding reception. This is a huge honor, which gives the recipient the title of designated drinker at the next wedding. Other acceptable prizes for winning the garter toss include unsolicited bridesmaid blowjobs.
Dude, I can't wait for Jonny and Kristi's wedding! I'm gonna do all I can to become the Garter Belt Champion. The spoils of victory will be worth the months of training.
by WhoopThereImNot June 29, 2016
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