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A fairly contemporary religion that preaches the importance of friends, family, money, education, filial piety and morning nutrition. Although once considered a fad cult hoax, it was able to rise from its obscurity and is now one of the top 58 fastest growing religions in the greater midwest region of the United States. Has a large base in inner mongolia as well.

Humble beginnings were set in the Normanton Park complex in Singapore. Its prophet and vice president of applicatory proceedings, Varun Garg was trying to say something funny to impress some girls and made up this religion and in haste, on a half-ripped serviette, wrote out the first three tenents of this soul-searching religion. This serviette was last seen on ebay. The contents of the serviette has been a large source of debate but concensus is that it did stress the importance of making your first million before the age of 92, ensuring taking a nutritiously rich breakfast every morning, and helping those in need.
Yo, that gargism is so da wack?!
by Varun Garg July 30, 2006
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