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A Yiddish insult meaning a thief, con man, or other such unscrupulous and untrustworthy character looking to conduct a scam, ripoff, or similar evil and dishonest method of personal gain.

The word is an insult. A ganef wouldn't generally call himself a ganef, no matter how proud of himself he was, but he might be angrily called a ganef by his victim.
Bernie Madoff convinced me to put my life's savings into his ponzi scheme. That no-good ganef cost me everything!
by Rob T Firefly August 12, 2011
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Also ganev, gonif, goniff, Yiddish: גאַנעוו

Ganef is the form popularized in Mad Magazine.

Thief, from ganvenen, to steal.

Dem Ganefs Yiches (The Thief's Lineage) is a popular Klezmer song.

Dayn mutter ganvet fisch im markt.

Your mother steals fish in the market.
That ganef was born with his hand in someone' s pocket.
by Antibogotes August 11, 2020
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