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An asshole who thinks they're good at video games, and in reality, is just salty as fuck about everything. Makes long, obnoxious rants about how developers are "killing the video game industry", and judges games based on how many tits are in them, not what the gameplay is like.
"Man, I love LoL, but I 'm fucking sick of all the gamer brahs."
"Just mute all chat next time."
by LizardWizard1 June 14, 2016
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What Kylo Ren would be if he played video games.
"Fucking hell! That whiny bitch just lost us the game, and HE's the one who's getting all salty!"
"Must be a gamer brah..."
by LizardWizard1 June 21, 2016
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A gamer brah is someone who plays exactly two types of video games: completely brain-dead shooters, and games with tons of tits. They almost always suck at both, but insist that their problems are not due to their terrible gaming skills, but are instead only because of the "fucking newbfags" they are playing with. They feed more kills than the rest of the team combined, and then tend to yell into the mic or post in all caps in chat, just to let everyone know that they're actually super good at games and it's the team's fault for losing. They also frequently post long rants online about all the successful people who are supposably ruining gaming, even though they're almost as fake as gamer girls.

Gamer brahs almost never have girlfriends. Most of the time, they got into gaming super late, and only because people online were saying it was cool.

If you ever hear someone online whining about how the MOBA champs don't have enough cleavage, or bitching about not being able to no scope in TF2, chances are that they're a gamer brah.
"Man, we had shitty-ass jungler that last game: 0-15-2, and he wouldn't shut up in all chat."
"What an ass. Probably only plays the game for the girl champs."
"Fucking gamer brahs."
by LizardWizard1 June 21, 2016
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