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The elixir of life. Once one takes a sip of this holy concoction, they may not be able to live without an adequate amount of gamer girl pee to sustain them.
Friend 1: Have you tried gamer girl pee?
Friend 2: No. That sounds weird.
Friend 1: It may sound weird, but it is by the holy sustenance of gamer girl pee that I live and die.
by Fishcum911 May 12, 2018
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A scarce and sacred resource sought after by the highest level of swag lords to indulge in when competing the the most violent of video games. Gamer Girl Pee raises a swag lords epic level by 999 , this has lead to Gamer Girl Pee being banned in all esport competitions for being "too OP lol".

If you are ever lucky enough to locate a bottle of this sacred substance cherish it as it may be the last bottle in existence and will surely bring you all the mad pussy you desire.
"Damn Dave must drink loads of Gamer Girl Pee, he is such an Epic Swag Lord my fellow gaming comrade.
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by zack15795 March 22, 2018
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The ultimate gamer guy fuel. it revives the soul and refreshes the spirit. no man can drink enough. it it rare and to be valued above all other beverages. drink responsibly, as its intoxicating aura and taste can lead to an overwhelming desire to game for weeks on end.
gamer guy 1: hey got any gamer girl pee?
gamer guy 2: yeah i found 8 ounces on ebay for like 170 bucks.
gamer guy 1: ight lemme have some.
gamer guy 2: k here just take a sip.
gamer guy 1: *chugs the whole thing and fucking dies*
by bootlegtechno June 15, 2018
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Way better than any energy drink ever created. A rare drink harvested from the rare breed of female.
Arnold: Dude can you go to the store and get me a gatorade for this basket ball game? Ill pay you back
Me: here drink this gamer girl pee it's way better
Arnold: *wins the whole fucking basket ball game alone after drinking it*
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by wtfisanUhqi May 11, 2018
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