the name you always use whenever you name your character on a game.
A: My game name is fraggler whenever I play games like Legend of Zelda.
B: Really? I just use Link.
by arcangelus255 July 31, 2008
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An in game name, or "IGN" (not to be confused with is the nickname a person gives the character they play as in a (typically multiplayer) game.
One might share these in chats with friends.
Person: What's your Minecraft in game name? Mine is xX_CodPlayer_Xx.
Friend: Dude, I don't even play minecraft.
by Eyy it's John May 9, 2016
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an online ID other online players can see
he typed and online ID his friends saw gaming name
by Online ID November 3, 2018
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yelling out random names when trying to get the attention of hot woman. Who ever guesses the name right wins.

Bill: You see that girl over their.
Steve: Yeah I do!!! Lets play the name game Sarah!Jessica!Meredith!Susan
Bill:Elizabeth!Carol! Robin
girl turns
Bill and Steve: Hey Robin,Robin come here!
by micahman April 29, 2008
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The name game is a drinking game in which there is a group of 4 or more people. Everyone gets a stripper name or different name. Whenever someone calls someone by a name other than that of the name temporarily given to them then they have to take a shot or a long drink. This game last throughout the whole night.
The real persons name is Jill their stripper name or other name is Skittles

Person 1: Hey Jill pass me a napkin

Everyone else: YOU SAID JILL!!! her name is skittles take a shot!!! It's the Name Game
by Leo The Lion & Fidel Castro April 28, 2013
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a name game is when one lists several names to his or her friend or acquaintance. The object of the "game" is to discover who it is that the friend or the acquaintance will not name.
John Smith has a crush on someone, so Jane Doe uses the name game and asks him "Is it Sally? What about Michelle? Martha?" to discover who it is that John Smith has a crush on.
by Randy Peterson April 20, 2006
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A game played with Google, where you search up your name on Google and count how many times it comes up. Then your opponent puts in their name. The person with the biggest name count is the winner.
''The last time I played the Google Name Game I got 27''
by ACIDNATURES February 28, 2010
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