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a hispanic female w a great mindset. focused and ready to succeed. always looking out for others. she has two sides. she can be confusing, but she makes it hard to leave. shes the type to keep a nigga loyal and she always gets her ways. shes great to be around and she is bad as ever. everything about her brings you in. her voice, personality, style, looks, and of course that ass. she is the most amazing girl in the world. if you make her trust you, she will always have your back. she will always ride for you. she will always lift you up when you are down and she will not give up on you if you dont give up on her. get you a galilen and u will never go back. she is someone you might just fall inlove with.
galilen how did you get so thick?

boy bye, my mans is the only one getting this.
by curlytopfred0 August 08, 2016
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Sexy woman usually Dominican short sweet and knows what she is doing as a girlfriend, that one girl that u can never get out of ur mind, gets mad easily requires a lot of attention but it's worth it
Dominican hottie u never stop thinking about is galilen
by El heffea April 03, 2015
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