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pronounced gaga-ing

the act of obssessing about lady gaga, or listning to her music an obscene amount, and going on about how good she is
1: whats up?
2: nm man, just facebooking, talking to people and gagaing
1: dude, lady gaga is awesome, i love poker face
by bingbangboom June 15, 2009
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When one dances or acts like Lady Gaga.
Example 1:

Person: Wow! That girl is so TOTALLY Gaga-ing!!

Example 2:

Person 1: What is that girl doing??
Person 2: She's Gaga-ing.
Person 1: What the HELL is that?
Person 2: When you dance or act like the Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga.
Person 2: Ooh!!!

Example 3:

(Watching All Time Low's music video I Feel Like Dancin')

Person 1: Look at them totally go!
Person 2: They are Gaga-ing the hell outta that!
by T'WAS ME! November 13, 2011
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The act of taking something normal or good and making it very, very strange.

History: The phrase originated from Lady Gaga, who was overtaken by her own success, and as a result, went from being cool and new, to just weird and annoying.

Other uses of the phrase: To GaGa, GaGafy, GaGa It, GaGa'd
Examples of of GaGaing:

Jon: Hey, did you see the video for Telephone?

Geoff: Ugh, unfortunately... Man, she totally GaGa'd it...

ex. 2

Jon: Hey, did you see that new Miley Cyrus video?

Geoff: No, why would I watch a Miley Cyrus video?

Tim: Oh I did! Yeah, it's like she's taking weird lessons from Lady Gaga... It got totally GaGa'd...
by The Mysterious Mister M May 21, 2010
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Misdirecting someone to Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video with a URL. Similar to Rick Rolling.
He clicked on a link and got Lady Gaga's "Telephone". It's another example of gagaing.
by VirusOfTheMind July 28, 2011
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