When someone instill names on your possessions
Tom: Check out my new Prius
Ashely: You should name it Pablo the Prius

Tom: well shit, I guess
Tom: Yo check out my new car Pablo the Prius
Ashely:there you go!
Tom:Holy shit how did you control me and make me call my car Pablo
Ashely:it’s the G effect
by MoeV March 27, 2019
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G-effect is a psychological and anabolic observed characteristic of the Guilhermipicus sapien, the least intelligent of all homo sapien descended species. Typical signs of the effect include reposting memes more than one time, usually due to the fact most members of the native Group Chat Island do not respond with laughter. This includes memes that are humorous and nonhumourous.
Typical Guilhermipicus sapien : (unfunny ass poo poo ass meme)
Group Chat Island Activity : (usual commentaries)
Typical Guilhermipicus sapien : (unfunny ass poo poo ass meme)
During this time the Group Chat usually reinforces it's genetic disdain for the G-effect by calling it out and castrating the Guilhermipicus sapien further from reality due to severe hereditary schizo-depressive-ebola disorder
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To substitute any "ee" sound in a name with the letters "g-h" to make a more "unique" name.
The g-h effect:

Hailey becomes Haileigh

LeeAnn becomes LeighAnn
by downwithopp January 7, 2013
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the G-man effect can be defined as the act of picking some

non-noteworthy person and giving them a sense of triumph.
gordon freeman was subject to the G-man effect taking him from physicist to hero.
by TheLastGunSlinger1 January 11, 2011
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Tiredness, anger and frustration caused by disgruntled elderly male co workers.
Gah I'm tired. I had to listen to that old asshole for 30 minutes. I hate G effect.
by New Crown English Dictionary October 4, 2019
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