lower form of fuck buddy where:
there is sexual contact like:
eating out
but no actual intercourse
kate: oh god i need josh to be my fun buddy!
marc: hes a douche bag! be my fun buddy!
kate: but it will be awkward we are like close friends
marc: V_V come on i need it!
kate: ok! lol (*wow he knows how to get me*)
by mv$4r00M September 20, 2008
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a person that is useful in times of extreme horniness, and is there to give a nice thoughtful fuck when it is needed.
"I have an appointment with my fun buddy today after work. We plan to explore route 69."
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Two women who have shared the same sexual partner. (Female version of Eskimo Bros.)
Becky: Oh my god I can’t believe I fucked Brian last night...
Jessica: No way you fucked Brian?! That makes us Fun Dip Buddies!
by Dr. T. Shakepeare July 6, 2018
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