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someone who is a fuck up in many ways. simialar to a fucktard, but maybe just a little less coordinated.
Ha ha ha, did you see Joe stammering and stuttering before he spilled his drink on that hot bitch...What a fumble dick!
by Brad22 February 16, 2008
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Someone who fumbledicks is called a fumbledicker. To fumbledick means to take your time or get distracted when enroute somewhere or doing something. If I am leaving the house and my wife is waiting in the car for me , but I keep watching the game or I forget my watch or I forgot to take my medicine. I would be fumbledicking around and my wife would let me know that I was a fumbledicker as soon as I get in the car.
Dom please be fast when you go into the store and do not fumbledick around, because I'm in a hurry.
by DJR22 September 11, 2016
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