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Being smashed, fried, and baked all at the same time. Often acquired at raves. Smashed being drunk, fried = tripping on acid, and baked = high. This condition can lead to many unfortunate but extremely hilarious outcomes. If you or anyone you know is fully-potatoed, 1st rule: you can not fly, no matter the circumstances. In this condition you sense of reality is altered to a point that nothing is real. It is fun but dangerous, your sense of time,depth, balance, sight, taste, smell, and hearing are so altered theres no point in trying to make sense of it; just relax and enjoy it. You also shouldn't drive or be around anything moving. Being outside and near streets or busy areas is extremely dangerous. Do not try to fill out any important documents, or make a transaction. Just have fun and DO NOT FLY.
@.@ uh man what direction is up, I'm way too full-potatoed...


Guy 1: Shhh, you! I can't hear the chipmunks, the sun's to loud!
Guy 2: Dude, you make no sense.
Guy 3: Yeah he's fully-potatoed
by Rob9001 February 07, 2010
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