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A fat Twat where getting rejected by women has become a hobbie. It is said that in a certain place in England, when a full sized reject gets rejected, it is a tradition for the spectaters to sing,
" Hey fatty boom boom, can't get a Number!"
That boy over there has just got rejected, hes a full sized reject!
"Hey Fatty Boom boom, can't get a number!"
by pancake-lover March 11, 2010
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A person who likes to believe eating three portions of chips and pizzas is a body building diet. this person will also believe he can make his boobs dance out of pure muscle, but in reality is it only man boobs. this person will come in a form of a virgin who wants other people to think he is straight, so he pretends to perv up girls. you can spot this person by looking for back fat and twitchy eyebrows
that person over there has backfat, so he must be a dirty weightlifter
by pancake-lover March 3, 2010
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